Data Confidant 1.0.2

Application Introduction?Consolidate your private information and protect it with a password!Equipped with a secret browser and secret camera!----------------------------------------------*Protect your pictures and movies with a password?Protect ...

Data Confidant 1.0.2

Application Introduction?
Consolidate your private information and protect it with a password!
Equipped with a secret browser and secret camera!


*Protect your pictures and movies with a password?
Protect pictures and movies you do not want other people to see with a password.

Freely manage your files with folders!

*Loaded with a camera that can take photos with almost no sound?
Loaded with a camera to take photos with almost no sound in areas that you are worried about those around you!
Photos can be directly saved to a protected folder.

*Protect your bookmarks and browsing history with a password?
Never worry about others seeing your bookmarks or browsing history when you use this application™s secret browser!

*Find out who is trying to invade your application with the included security camera feature?
If someone tries to randomly enter a password and view the contents of this application, the security camera will take their picture. You can check to see if your privacy is being invaded.

*Avoid a crisis with a dummy password?
By using a dummy password you can display a dummy application. With the dummy application, your data will not be displayed, the camera and browser features cannot be used and the settings menu cannot be accessed.



*The ZeroApp series!! Convenient applications you can use for free?

#1: Good Night's Sleep Alarm

This application™s cycle alarm will allow you to have comfortable sleep and a pleasant awakening!
We perfected support music for comfortable sleep!

#2: All Secret Management

Collect your private data and protect it with a password!
Comes loaded with a secret browser and secret camera!

We will keep on introducing free applications to the ZeroApp series!

Search for œZeroApp in the Appstore!


*compatible OS
iOS6.0 and over

*Forgotten passwords cannot be recovered, so be sure to keep a memo of or remember your password.

*For questions about unclear items, please feel free to send your inquires to

*Please understand that we cannot reply to inquires done through the review system.

We are accepting your opinions and impressions through the following official account.
Please feel free to send us a message!



ZeroApp team are hoping you enjoy the use of this application!


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